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In the digital age, ensuring a safe online environment for children is paramount. Netgear’s Orbi Parental Controls provide a robust solution, allowing parents to manage and monitor their children’s internet activities. Let’s delve into the features and steps to set up this powerful tool.

Understanding Orbi Parental Controls

The extensive feature set of Orbi Parental Controls is intended to provide a safe online environment for kids. Parental control over their children’s digital experiences extends to content filtering and screen time management.

Exploring Orbi Parental Control

  • Dashboard Access:

Orbi Parental Controls are accessed through the Orbi router’s user-friendly web interface, providing a centralised hub for managing online activities.

  • Profile Customization:

Parents can create individual profiles for each family member, tailoring internet access controls to match the needs of each user.

  • Content Filtering:

Explore content filtering options that allow customization based on specific categories, ensuring a safe and age-appropriate online experience.

  • Time Management:

Orbi offers flexible time management tools, allowing parents to set daily or weekly limits on internet usage for each profile.

  • Pause Internet Feature:

The “Pause Internet” feature provides on-the-fly control, enabling parents to instantly pause internet access for specific profiles when needed.

Access Parental Controls on orbi

  • Log into Orbi Dashboard:

Access the Orbi Parental Controls by logging into the Orbi router’s web interface. Use your web browser to enter the designated IP address.

  • Navigate to Parental Controls:

Within the Orbi Dashboard, find and click on the “Parental Controls” or a similar tab, usually located in the main menu.

  • Create User Profiles:

Create individual profiles for each family member, assigning devices to specific profiles for personalised control.

  • Explore Content Filters:

Dive into the content filtering options to customise access based on categories that align with your family’s values.

  • Set Time Limits:

Manage screen time by setting daily or weekly time limits for each profile, promoting a balanced digital lifestyle.

         Activate Pause Internet:

  •          Utilise the “Pause Internet” feature to instantly halt internet access for    specific profiles, providing immediate breaks when necessary.

Key Features 

Content Filtering:

  • Orbi enables parents to filter content based on categories, restricting access to inappropriate websites and ensuring a safer online experience.

Pause Internet:

  • The ability to pause internet access at specific times or instantly provides parents with control over screen time, promoting a healthy balance between online and offline activities.

Bedtime Mode:

  • With Bedtime Mode, parents can schedule automatic internet pauses during bedtime hours, ensuring children get the rest they need without distractions.

Usage Insights:

  • Receive insights into your child’s online activities, including the websites they visit and the time spent online, allowing for informed decision making.


  • Activate SafeSearch to ensure that search engine results are filtered, preventing exposure to inappropriate content.

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With its user-friendly platform, Orbi Parental Controls redefines digital parenting while providing a safe online environment for kids. Orbi provides a safe and supervised online environment with features like screen time management, usage insights, and content filtering. Give parents more authority and knowledge to ensure that their family’s digital experience is safer and more enjoyable.


Q.How do I utilise Orbi’s Parental Controls feature?

A.A web browser can be used to access the Orbi router’s web interface. Click the “Parental Controls” option.

Q: Can I customise content filtering based on specific categories?

A: Yes, Orbi Parental Controls allow you to tailor content filtering by selecting specific categories that align with your family’s values.

Q: Is it possible to set time limits for internet usage with Orbi Parental Controls?

A: Unquestionably. You can control how much time you spend on screens by using Orbi to set weekly or daily time limits for each profile.

Q: How does the “Pause Internet” feature work in Orbi Parental Controls?

A: The “Pause Internet” feature allows you to instantly halt internet access for specific profiles, providing immediate breaks when needed.

Q.Can I monitor my child’s internet activity with Orbi Parental Controls?

A: It’s true that Orbi provides usage insights, including information on the websites parents visit and how much time they spend online, to help parents make informed decisions.

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