Orbi Router Setup

The Netgear RBK23 AC2200 Orbi Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System serves as a robust solution for enveloping your residence in a seamless and high-speed internet experience. However, even the most powerful devices may appear daunting at first. Fret not, adventurous internet explorer! This manual will guide you through the process of setting up your Orbi system, address common problems, and provide answers to frequently asked questions. With this assistance, you can enjoy uninterrupted Wi-Fi in the comforting glow of knowledge.

Setting Up your Netgear RBK23 AC2200 Orbi Whole Home Mesh 

  1. Retrieve your Orbi router, satellite(s), power adapters, and an Ethernet cable. Opt for a central location for your router, ideally in a high and open space.
  2. Attach the power adapters to both the router and satellite(s), and plug them into power outlets. Wait until the LEDs turn solid white – this signals that it’s time to proceed!
  3. Utilise the convenient app as your entry point for Orbi configuration and management. Download it from the App Store or Google Play and launch it.
  4. Follow the app’s instructions to set up your Orbi system, which includes tasks like creating a Wi-Fi network name and password, connecting to your modem, and positioning the satellites for optimal coverage.
  5. Once the setup is finished, your Orbi system will be operational! Connect your devices to the Wi-Fi network using the credentials you established.

Troubleshooting Your Netgear RBK23 AC2200 Orbi Whole Mesh

Even the most reliable Wi-Fi systems can face challenges. Here’s how to address some common Orbi issues:

  • Slow Speeds: Verify cable connections, confirm that your satellites are within the optimal range (30-60 feet), and restart both your Orbi router and modem.
  • Spotty Coverage: Improve signal penetration through walls and floors by repositioning your satellites. Utilise the Orbi app’s coverage map to identify areas with the strongest signal. 
  • Device Connectivity Issues: Ensure your devices have the latest firmware updates, and restart them if necessary. Additionally, try disabling and then re-enabling the Wi-Fi connection on your device.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How many satellites do I need?

A. The number of satellites required depends on your home’s size. Typically, one satellite covers up to 2,000 square feet, two satellites cover up to 4,000 square feet, and three satellites provide coverage for up to 6,000 square feet. 

Q. Can I add more satellites later?

A. Certainly! The Orbi system is modular, allowing you to add more satellites as your Wi-Fi requirements expand. 

Q. Is Orbi compatible with my internet service provider (ISP)?

A. Orbi is compatible with most major ISPs. For detailed compatibility information, refer to the Netgear website.

Q. Does Orbi provide parental controls?

A. Yes, the Orbi app incorporates Circle with Disney, allowing you to oversee screen time, filter content, and pause the internet on connected devices. 

Q. What security features does Orbi have?

A. Orbi is equipped with NETGEAR Armor, delivering real-time malware and virus protection for all your connected devices.


With a little setup know-how and some troubleshooting tips, your Netgear RBK23 AC2200 Orbi Mesh System will have you surfing, streaming, and gaming without a hitch. Remember, if you encounter any persistent issues, don’t hesitate to contact Netgear support for further assistance. Now, go forth and conquer the Wi-Fi wilderness!  

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