Orbi Router Setup

Satellites are integral to mesh Wi-Fi systems in computing, offering extended wireless coverage. However, typical home mesh networks include only two or three satellites. To expand coverage for larger homes, some opt for multiple mesh networks. Netgear’s Orbi, a popular choice, prompts questions about using the Netgear orbi Satellite for enhanced coverage and exploring alternative options.   

How Orbi Router works ?  

While many explanations mention routers connecting to modems, most ISPs provide a device functioning as both a router and modem. The router links devices to the internet, acting as a dispatcher. It ensures data packets—segments of web pages, emails, videos—reach their destination by reading the address in the packet header, facilitating internet communication. 

How Orbi Satellite works?

An access point, acting as a satellite in a mesh Wi-Fi system, doesn’t distinguish between wired or wireless connections. Its role is solely to distribute the wireless signal from the router throughout the house. Unlike a router, it doesn’t extend wireless range or broadcast a unique network name. The satellite shares the same SSID as the primary router and operates wirelessly. It essentially functions as a booster and a replica of the main router, maintaining the same IP, SSID, etc., whether connected via Ethernet cable or not. 

Orbi Router as Substitute Satellite Devices 

To expand the number of Orbi satellites, you have two options: convert your router into a bridge or transform it into an access point.

Both an access point and a wireless bridge perform similar functions, with only a minor distinction between the two.

Bridge Mode

A wireless bridge facilitates the connection and data sharing between two different segments of a network. Orbi bridge mode can also be configured with a wired connection. Depending on the router type, bridges may function as wireless access points simultaneously, provided the router supports this dual capability.

Notably, Netgear’s Orbi mesh Wi-Fi system lacks a bridge mode for its routers. In such cases, the access point feature can be utilised. 

Access Point

Utilising Orbi in access point mode transforms it into a wireless access point. While not precisely a satellite, Orbi in AP mode provides internet access and enables device connection to routers, serving as a central hub. Learn how to convert your Orbi router into a wireless access point with the following steps:

  • To access your router, go to orbilogin.com and use “username” and “password.” Navigate to the “Advanced” tab,  
  • Choose AP Mode in Advanced Setup, and apply the settings. Consult the Orbi login guide for assistance.  
  • Ensure your Orbi access point is connected to your Orbi router—it functions similarly to an extender, though not precisely a satellite.

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In summary, an Orbi router cannot function as a satellite, but you can enhance coverage and expand the mesh network by adding more satellites. If you possess an additional Orbi system, whether for an upgrade or a separate use case, consider configuring one as an access point to further optimise your network.

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