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In today’s fast-paced digital world, staying connected is more important than ever. Whether you’re streaming your favourite series, working from home, or exploring new realms in online gaming, a reliable internet connection is key. Enter the NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Mesh WiFi System (RBK13), your solution to internet woes and the gateway to seamless, room-to-room WiFi coverage. But what makes the netgear orbi rbk13 stand out from the crowd? Let’s dive in and discover how this system can transform your online experience.

Why Choose NETGEAR Orbi RBK13? 

Unmatched Coverage: Say goodbye to dead zones and hello to comprehensive coverage throughout your home. 

Easy Setup: Get your network up and running in minutes with the simple setup process.

Steady and Strong Connection: Enjoy a steady, strong connection for all your devices, without the lag.

How to setup NETGEAR Orbi Mesh WiFi System (RBK13) ?

Setting up your NETGEAR Orbi Mesh WiFi System (RBK13) can be done in a couple of ways: through WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) for a quick connection, and via the web-based method for a more customizable setup. Here’s how to do both:

WPS Setup Steps for NETGEAR Orbi RBK13 

  1. Ensure Your Router Supports WPS: Before you start, make sure that your main router or modem supports WPS. This feature allows for easy and secure connections without needing to enter a Wi-Fi password. 
  2. Power On Your Orbi Router: Connect your Orbi router to a power source and wait for it to boot up. The power LED should light up solid white. 

  1. Initiate WPS on Orbi Router: Locate the WPS button on your Orbi router. Press and hold it for a couple of seconds until the WPS LED starts blinking white. This indicates that WPS is active and searching for devices to connect.
  2. Activate WPS on Your Device: Within two minutes of activating WPS on your Orbi, go to the device you want to connect (such as a laptop, smartphone, or another Wi-Fi device) and activate WPS. The exact steps vary depending on the device, so refer to the device’s manual for specific instructions. 
  3. Connection Confirmation: Once a successful connection is established, the WPS LED on your Orbi router will light up solid white. Your device should now be connected to your Orbi network without needing to enter a Wi-Fi password.
  4. Repeat for Additional Devices: If you have more devices to connect via WPS, repeat steps 3 to 5 for each device.

Web-Based Setup Steps for NETGEAR Orbi RBK13

  1. Connect Your Orbi Router to Your Modem: Use the included Ethernet cable to connect your Orbi router’s Internet port to your modem’s Ethernet port. Then, power on both devices. 

  1. Connect to Orbi Network: On a computer or mobile device, search for available Wi-Fi networks and connect to the Orbi network. You can find the network name (SSID) and password on the bottom or back of your Orbi router. 

  1. Access the Orbi Login Page: Open a web browser and enter “” or “orbilogin.com” in the address bar. Press Enter to go to the login page. 

  1. Log In: When prompted, enter the default username and password for your Orbi router. Unless you’ve changed them, the default credentials are usually “admin” for the username and “password” for the password. 

  1. Follow Setup Wizard: Once logged in, the Orbi setup wizard will guide you through the initial setup process. This includes setting up your internet connection, changing the admin password, and configuring your Wi-Fi settings, such as the network name (SSID) and password. 

  1. Apply Settings: After configuring your settings through the web-based setup, make sure to apply/save your changes. Your Orbi system will now be set up and ready to use. 

  1. Connect Your Devices: You can now connect all your Wi-Fi-enabled devices to your new Orbi network using the new SSID and password you’ve set up. 

Both setup methods for the NETGEAR Orbi RBK13 are designed to be user-friendly and should get your home network up and running in no time. For the best coverage, consider placing your Orbi satellite(s) in central locations within your home, ensuring they are not obstructed by thick walls or large objects.

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1. What is the NETGEAR Orbi RBK13?

NETGEAR Orbi RBK13 is a Whole Home Mesh WiFi System designed to provide extensive, seamless Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home. It eliminates dead zones and ensures a stable, fast connection for all your devices, whether for streaming, gaming, or browsing. 

2. How many devices can connect to the Orbi RBK13 system?

The Orbi RBK13 can support simultaneous connections from multiple devices. Its performance is optimised for up to 20 devices, ensuring each device maintains a strong connection without sacrificing speed or reliability. 

3. Can I use the Orbi RBK13 with my existing modem?

Yes, the Orbi RBK13 is designed to be compatible with most cable, DSL, or fiber modems. You simply connect the Orbi router to your existing modem using an Ethernet cable, and then follow the setup process to establish your mesh Wi-Fi network. 

4. How do I set up my NETGEAR Orbi RBK13? 

Setting up your Orbi RBK13 is straightforward. After connecting it to your modem, you can use the NETGEAR Orbi app for a guided setup process. The app will help you create your network, set a Wi-Fi password, and place your satellites for optimal coverage.

5. How do I update the firmware on my Orbi RBK13 system? 

Firmware updates for the Orbi RBK13 can be conducted through the NETGEAR Orbi app. The app will notify you when an update is available. You can then follow the prompts within the app to download and install the latest firmware version, ensuring your system has the latest features and security enhancements.

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