Orbi Router Setup

The Netgear Orbi is a Wi-Fi router powerhouse. Netgear has created the greatest networking product to enable you to experience continuous internet connectivity. The Orbi AX satellites easily extend the range of your home Wi-Fi network. Unfortunately, many Orbi users are apparently receiving the error message “we can’t find your orbi.”

Come! First, let us try to figure out what this error message is about.

What is the “We Can’t Find Your Orbi” error message?

We can’t find your orbi problem message that prevents you from accessing the router’s UI and changing any settings. Both the official Orbi app and the online address do not function for troubleshooting the issue. The Orbi app displays the Orbi not working problem message here. However, the internet connection is operational.

Some Netgear orbi users attempt to disable specific settings on their mobile devices, but this does not appear to solve the problem. Are you one of these people? Don’t be concerned! Take note of the following details.

Reasons for the “we can’t find your orbi” Problem

The following are some reasons why you are experiencing this problem:

1. Loose Wire Connections

There is a possibility that the connection between the Orbi router and modem is unstable. You could be connecting the two using a broken or damaged Ethernet wire. This will create connection instability and prohibit you from accessing the internet.

To connect both, make sure to use a new, undamaged Ethernet cable. This ensures a smooth connection between the two and uninterrupted internet access for you. Tight cable connections are also useful when completing the Netgear Orbi setup.

2. Unstable Device-to-Device Connection

If you use a wireless connection to connect to the internet, keep the router and modem at an identical distance from each other. Simply said, never keep them too close together, since this will cause wireless signals to collide.

Furthermore, keeping them too far apart will make it impossible for the router and modem to communicate and broadcast the Wi-Fi signal. It causes issues when trying to connect to the internet. When you do one of these, the We Can’t Find Your Orbi Error message appears.

3. Wi-fi Interruption

Is the Orbi router kept in a wooden cabinet or near a solid cement wall? Never do this, especially when connecting a device to the network via Wi-Fi. Placing the smartphone near such surfaces prevents you from accessing the internet. Even minor interference with Wi-Fi signals might devastate your internet browsing experience.

You should keep the router away from the following devices:

  • Televisions
  • Radios
  • Washing machine
  • Mirror
  • Metallic objects
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Cameras 

Keeping the Orbi router away from these gadgets guarantees that Wi-Fi signals flow freely. Also, try positioning the Wi-Fi router in the center of the institution to allow you to join the network from anywhere in the establishment.

4. Virus attack

The Internet has enabled individuals and businesses to maintain consistent communication with others. Unfortunately, it is also plagued with websites and applications that disrupt your internet connection. It’s not much different with your Orbi Wi-Fi router.

If your computer does not have active antivirus protection, you will most likely see the We can’t find your orbi problem message. This not only affects your ability to connect to the internet, but it also renders the Orbi device exposed to cyberattacks.

5. Router and satellite are not in sync

For you to experience seamless wireless connectivity, you must sync the Orbi Wi-Fi router and satellite. It enables you to enjoy wifi connectivity from any location within the establishment. Any disruption in this synchronization makes it difficult to complete the Netgear Orbi setup, let alone connect to the internet.

6. Weak Network Connectivity

Any network-related problem on your ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) end will cause signal disruption to the Orbi Wi-Fi router. In this case, contact your ISP to resolve the issue and resume normal internet connectivity.

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