Orbi Router Setup

Utilising a Netgear Orbi WiFi system, designed to cover your entire home. This article guides you through the process of “How Can I Setup Orbi router and Satellite”. Install the app and link the base station. Position the satellites accordingly. Connect and review the link. Set up the base station. 

Setting Up Your Netgear Orbi in  Easy Steps 

  • Configure the Orbi Router via the Orbi app.
  • Establish a connection with the base station.
  • Position the satellites securely.
  • Connect with Orbi.
  • Review the link.
  • Place the base station appropriately.
  • Establish connectivity for your Orbi system.
  • Explore additional configuration options.

What you need

  • Your provider’s modem
  • Network connecting cable
  • Netgear’s Orbi set
  • iOS or Android phone/tablet
  • Netgear’s Orbi app  

Step 1: Download the app on your phone or tablet to control your Netgear Orbi admin at Orbilogin.com. Install the app and follow the steps to set up your Orbi Router quickly. When opening the app, opt to create a new system and agree to the terms. 

Step 2: Connect the base station to the network. Restart your provider’s modem by unplugging the connector for 30 seconds. Plug the power cord into the Orbi base station and connect the adapter to the socket. 

Step 3: Position the additional satellites. In Multi-room WiFi systems, use the app to determine optimal placement, ensuring stations are not more than two rooms apart for a strong connection. Power on the Orbi satellites by plugging them in and pressing the black button on the back.

Step 4: Establish connectivity for your Orbi system. Connect to the Orbi WiFi network using the provided name and password on the base station. Once connected, the app will proceed to the next step automatically. 

Step 5: Verify Orbi Connection

Allow Orbi to autonomously check its internet connection. The base station establishes connections with the configured satellites, indicated by the flashing blue light atop the base stations. A steady blue light confirms proper setup, while a persistent purple light signals a weak connection between the base station and satellite—relocating the satellite for a stronger link. 

Step 6: App-Based Base Station Configuration

Provide a username and a robust password in the app for secure access to Orbi router settings. Choose a unique WiFi network name and a secure yet memorable password. Click “Next” and connect to the newly created network. These settings ensure personalised control and secure access to your Orbi router setup.  


How Can I Setup Orbi Router and Satellite?

Follow our easy-to-follow guide or use the Orbi app for a streamlined setup experience.

Can I relocate the Orbi satellite after setup for better coverage?

Yes, if you experience weak connectivity, simply move the satellite closer to the base station for a stronger link.

What should I do if the Orbi Satellite light remains purple after setup?

A persistent purple light indicates a weak connection; optimise placement to ensure a steady blue light for proper setup.

How do I customise settings after completing the Orbi router and satellite setup?

Utilise the Orbi app to set a unique username, password, and personalised WiFi network details for secure and customised control.

Can I use the same network name for the Orbi WiFi network as my existing one?

While possible, it’s recommended to choose a unique network name to avoid interference; follow our guide for a hassle-free setup.

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